Make a Complaint

The ‘preferred’ complaint process has varied wildly over the past year. Currently the preferred method by enforcement entities is:

  1. Call Cleanit Greenit’s 24/7 Odour line at 780-818-3128. (Cleanit Greenit is required to include any complaint made to their hotline in a monthly report to AEP). You can check odour complaint results done by CIGI patrols here.
  2. Call Alberta Environment at their 24/7 line: 1-800-222-6514. Be sure to ask for your reference number, and expect to be told to call Cleanit Greenit.
  3. Make a complaint to City of Edmonton via 311. You can either call 311, or submit an online complaint here. If you submit an online complaint you must then fill out the Odours and Emissions Witness statement for your complaint to result in any enforcement action. You will need your 311 reference number to fill in the statement form.

Expect to be asked:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Your address/the address of the odour
  • Time and date of odour
  • Intensity of the odour (ranked on either the 1-5 or 1-10 scale)
  • Wind direction if known
  • Duration of the odour, or ongoing
  • Description of the odour