Alberta Environment Enforcement Orders

The Alberta Environment and Parks (Government of Alberta) enforcement orders can be found here. The most recent major enforcement order is Amendment 9 which includes years of detailed non-compliance and laboratory reports. The original enforcement order was enacted in 2011, however CIGI had already been forced to stop accepting waste (along with comply with other enforcement measures) by AB Public Health in 2004.

Alberta Environment is the major enforcer of composting facilities under several legislations in Alberta. Unfortunately, due to loose regulations around odours in this legislation, this issue has gone on for over 10 years. Over the past year, a few residents have worked behind the scenes to try to communicate effectively with Alberta Environment on how we can help resolve this issue. In the spring of 2020, a FOIP request was submitted to the GOA, requesting access to the files on enforcement and inspection for Cleanit Greenit. This request was originally ‘misplaced’ and had to be resubmitted. After resubmission the FOIP request was approved, but for a cost of around $900. Shortly after this information was relayed residents were told the records would be released at no cost. Shortly after the ‘no cost’ release of records communication, we were told the FOIP request was being denied due to “Active Investigation” between AEP and CIGI. The records have still not been released.