City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton has been limited in what they have been able to do for enforcement, as they have only been able to act on a recently enacted odour and emissions bylaw. City councilor Andrew Knack has been an integral part of making sure the communication between COE/Bylaw, CIGI and residents has been improved. Through FOIP requests and the 311 online database, we have been able to get a glimpse at the volume of complaints and fines issued. Because complaints come to COE via various sources, the FOIP request doesn’t capture the full picture of the number of complaints. However there have been well over 800+ complaints to COE and AEP. Here are a few of the FOIP documents. We are currently awaiting to see the result of the COE’s court filing against CIGI (July 2021, still pending). COE legal has collected numerous affidavits and hired composting experts to help build their legal case.